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Engage Your Customers Better With Zendesk WhatsApp Integration


Integrate Zendesk with WhatsApp, and engage your customers better! With this integration, you’ll be able to get notified directly on Zendesk whenever a customer messages you, and even update your user list whenever a new user messages you. Essentially, with this integration, you can streamline your process, and ease workflow for your team.

The Automation Part Sounds Great!

You can automatically update your CRM list with customer information on Zendesk automatically when a new user contacts you. This means you’ll always have an updated list of users, and using this integration, you’ll be able to reach out to and connect with users instantly using a platform you and your team are already using, saving time and effort for you and your team. It also means that you’re able to serve multiple customers effectively with ease. 

By automating these processes, it helps you save time and stay on top of your business, customer lists, and customer interactions at all times. 

What Can You Do With This Integration?

If you’ve already got your team on Zendesk, then you and your team shouldn’t have to worry about having to learn a new piece of software. This integration helps you set up and manage everything from Zendesk, a platform you’ve been using, and are familiar with. 

With Tellephant, you’ll be able to create individual agent accounts for your team, and link them to their respective accounts on Zendesk. This means that your team can interact with your customers directly on WhatsApp using Zendesk, and reply to customer queries directly. You can even set up quick replies to handle FAQs with the click of a button to improve response times for your users, and save time for your team by having the answers to these frequently asked questions already set up and available.

It’s Convenient For Everyone Involved

By integrating Zendesk with WhatsApp, it ensures that you and your team are able to access customer information and interact with customers on a platform you’re familiar with, while your customers are able to have conversations and interact with your business on a platform they’re familiar with, and prefer to use all the time. With the ability to connect with users directly on WhatsApp via this platform, it’s a perfect solution for your business to streamline your workflow, and optimise customer experience and interaction in a way that works perfectly for both sides.

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