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Tellephant (Aiyo Labs) is a Bangalore based, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software company that specialises in omni channel conversations that create delightful user experiences.

We're pioneering the CAaaS (Conversational Apps as a Service) industry. Our solutions help businesses utilise third party chat platforms that users already love and use, and turn them into platforms that their businesses can leverage to grow.

Our suite of tools and solutions enable businesses to reach out and interact with their customers in novel, interesting, and engaging ways all while helping cut operational costs.

Aiyo Labs - company of the year (Read Full story by CIO Insider India)
Aiyolabs Tellephant

Leading  A  Small  Yet Mighty  Crew,  Meet  Our Founders :

  • Varun Kapoor - CEO

    Graduating with a first class degree in engineering from Bournemouth University, Varun has run several successful startups to date.

  • Suhas Entur - COO

    Graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology, a Biomedical Engineer by qualification, Suhas has worked in operations and communication roles in several startups.

Our Cofounders

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