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Be it registering for courses, FAQs, sharing information about existing or upcoming courses, or connecting tutors with students, our solution helps you do it all!

WhatsApp Business Messaging API
Share Information Instantly

Share information with prospective and existing students about courses, requirements, and other details regarding courses.

Multiple Agents
Connect Students to Tutors

With our two way chat panel, tutors can instantly connect and respond to students and offer them help and support when required.

See Conversation History
Send Out Notifications

Notify students about new courses and remind them about courses they've signed up for directly on WhatsApp.

Key Features

Our comprehensive Edtech WhatsApp solution is perfect for your business.

Answer Customer queries on WhatsApp
Collect Information And Check Eligibility

Collect details from prospective students using our chatbots. You can then check student eligibility based on the information they've shared, store this data in a database, and reach out to prospects automatically based on a check you put in place. 

Customer Support
Share Course Information

Share information about courses, course timings, and specific details about courses in an automated manner with our AI powered chatbots. Not only does this make the process easier for your students, but it also means you have more time to handle other matters by letting our chatbots handle student conversations where human intervention isn't required.

Contactless In Store Dine-In
Sign Up For Courses

Students can sign up for courses of their choice once they share their information and check their eligibility. You can even gain insights into which courses interests your user base the most and what courses are most popular among your students.

Contactless In Store Dine-In
Send Out Notifications

Notify students about new courses, or alert them about courses they've signed up for before they start. Send links to online classes and reminders about classes prior to the class beginning. You can also notify students about new courses you have based on their interests and existing courses they've signed up for.

Contactless In Store Dine-In
Connect Students And Tutors

With our two way chat panel, tutors can instantly connect and respond to students and offer them help and support when required.

Competitive Pricing

Education Is Shifting Online

We can help you stay up to date with the changing times. With a lot of people opting to do courses online, edtech companies receive a lot of enquiries online as well. We can help you get online and automate and streamline processes for you and your students quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

The Dashboard!

  • Appeasing Visual Aid
    Set Up Agents

    Set up agents and have them handle user queries and issues quickly and effectively with our ticketing system.

  • Instant Response
    Tag Conversations

    Create custom tags and tag relevant conversations to help you always be on top of what’s going on.

  • Instant Response
    Respond Instantly

    Set up quick replies and instantly respond to users when they ask you certain frequently asked questions.

Unique Features

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