Integrate With Existing Ecommerce Platforms You Use

Integrate with your existing ecommerce store on Shopify, Woocommerce, or Magento, and offer your customers a seamless experience directly on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Webchat!

Ecommerce store
Showcase your products

Showcase Products

Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, and give your customers the perfect ecommerce experience, directly on chat platforms they love and use.

one stop experience

One Stop Experience

Integrate with payment gateways and let your customers place orders, recover abandoned carts, and complete payments via links you share on chat.

Instant Support

Instant Support

Offer instant support to customers with our two way chat panel. All your conversations from all the chat platforms you have set up show up in one unified panel.

Key Features

Our comprehensive Edtech WhatsApp solution is perfect for your business.



Integrate with e-commerce platforms you currently use and let your customers place, track, and cancel orders all from within one chat platform without the need for any third-party websites or apps. Increasing accessibility, in turn, increases conversion rates for your business by having your store in a familiar, easy-to-use platform. 

Shop and Pay on chat

Updates And Notifications

Integrating your online store with WhatsApp lets you notify customers about orders, payment confirmations, and order statuses, all in real-time within the same chat sessions automatically when the order status changes.

Contactless In Store Dine-In

Shop On Chat, Pay On Chat

With our payment gateway integrations, like Razorpay, Gpay, and Paypal, you can send payment requests directly to customers in chat, making it a genuinely end-to-end shopping experience.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Recover Abandoned Carts

Send out automated reminders about abandoned carts, and allow them to complete their orders. Increase your brand recall, and increase conversions by reminding customers about the great products they've left behind!

Feedback And Offer Support

Get Feedback And Offer Support

With the ability to have multiple agents and our two-way chat panel, your team can handle customer queries quickly and effectively in a streamlined manner. If your customers love your service and products, or if they have any feedback, they can let you know immediately in chat!

Your Store on Whatsapp

Quick And Easy Integrations

Our experience working with e-commerce platforms means we'll have you up and running in no time!
Having your store on WhatsApp makes shopping easy and gives your customers a truly end-to-end experience. Automating processes that can be easily handled using bots not only ensures a cleaner experience for your customers but also ensures that you and your team have more time to focus on other ways to grow and build your business.

The Dashboard!

  • Chat Panel

    Chat Panel

    Our two way chat panel lets you interact with customers and take over conversations from the bot whenever human intervention is required.

  • Instant Response

    Instant Response

    Set up quick replies to instantly respond to customer FAQs.

  • Custom Tags

    Custom Tags

    Create custom tags and mark conversations to help you manage them with ease. 

  • Call Centre

    Call Centre

    Set up agents and allow them to take over conversations and handle customer queries and issues.

  • Ticketing System

    Ticketing System

    Assign raised tickets to agents based on a logic you choose. Agents can transfer tickets among other agents and close customer queries with ease.

Ecommerce Dashboard

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