Build Automated Conversational Experiences

Tellephant’s Bot Builder enables you to build chat-bots to help you automate conversations and create efficient customer service flows.

Features That Count
 Make Ordering, A Ping Away

Easy To Use

We like to keep things simple and easy to use. Just drag and drop modules and build your conversational flows with ease.

Sync With Your Customers

Always Learning

It’s rare to nail a perfect chatbot right from the start, but our bot builder gives you insights into where the bot fails, allowing you to constantly improve the experience.

Ease The Managing Flow


Build and deploy chatbots across multiple channels and make your brand a truly omnichannel experience for your customers

Key Features

AI Powered Instagram Chatbots

Drag and Drop

Our bot builder lets you create intelligent, personalised chatbots without any coding knowledge. All you need to do is drag and drop your intents, and start building your conversational flows

Agent Customer Support Instagram

Personalise Conversations

Integrate with Google Sheets at the click of a button to enable your bot to pull up personalised information about your customer.

Unified Chat Panel

Integrate Your Agents

Set up your chatbot to hand over conversations to live agents, or set them up to notify you when a customer asks certain questions with our agent and email integration

Real Time Reporting Instagram Chats

Test Your Creation!

The preview section allows you to test your bot flow before you launch it for your customers, so you know you’re giving them a smooth, seamless experience.


Why Build A Chatbot?

Tellephant’s bot builder helps you build chatbots across multiple channels with ease. By having a chatbot in place, you can save time and costs on customer support by automating tasks that can easily be handled by a bot. 

Additionally, with customers expecting rapid responses and immediate query resolutions, it makes sense to have a chatbot that never tires, and is available for your customers 24/7, across all channels.

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