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About Aiyo Labs Private Limited

We are a design and development company. We service a range of clients from startups to large corporations. We build our own products in-house, starting from the idea stage all the way to putting it out into the market.

What You'll do:

• Create and deploy the front-end application.

• Optimize for high-performance on both mobile and web.

• Develop interaction models and conceptual frameworks of user experience.

• Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability.


- Experience in the development of real-world applications that have gone live.

- Strong fundamentals in HTML, CSS & Javascript.

- Experience with jQuery, low-level DOM functionalities, MVC design patterns.

- Good experience of Angular 2 and above (or) React.

- Experience in developing responsive designs using frameworks like Foundation Bootstrap or your own custom frameworks.

- It would be a plus if you prefer SASS/LESS over CSS

- It would also be good if you have experience with Node.js

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