“We have seen a drastic increase in terms of people responding to WhatsApp, and number of people who are calling back because they’ve received some sort of communication on WhatsApp”
Ravi Chandra,
Ravi Chandra,


Founded by Ravi Chandra and Arun Bhatia, Medpay is an AI powered platform that enables insurance companies with large OPD networks to process cashless claims in real time. Started back in December 2019 as a market research, the company has since gone on to receive funding from Entrepreneur First in 2020. 

Medpay aims to build India’s largest OPD network, enabling not just the insurers, but also other people in the ecosystem to access the network using APIs, giving them the ability to process cash claims, discounts, or anything else they want to do within the network. 

Since using Tellephant, the company has started seeing a drastic increase in terms of people responding to communication, and a drastic increase in terms of people calling back because they’re receiving information on WhatsApp. 

Prior to using WhatsApp (where they used SMS), Medpay saw an open rate of around 3-4%. However, when it came to WhatsApp, it went up to a range of 20-25% (the percentage of people who were actually reading the message). After seeing this jump in numbers, the primary mode of communication has since shifted to WhatsApp. 

Hear more from Ravi about how Medpay, and Medpay’s customers, are benefitting from their association with us/since they started using Tellephant.

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