Rajapushpa Properties
”Our team’s productivity has doubled since we signed up. This is an essential tool”

Rajapushpa Properties

What can you get with an investment of $160? For Rajapushpa Properties, the answer is $400,000 worth of sales! Read more to find out how Tellephant helped them grow in customer outreach and conversions, and completely change their marketing strategy.

Rajapushpa Properties is a real estate development company that focuses on residential properties and they use Tellephant to connect with property seekers and leads on WhatsApp. 

Real estate is a sales and marketing intensive industry. Rajapushpa properties was initially struggling to reach out to all their leads via their sales team. Manually, they could only reach out to 400-500 persons per week but with Tellephant, 

Their numbers are their testimonial - for 10,000 messages sent, the seen rate was over 70% and at least 1,000 of them reach out to learn more and be potential property owners. 

Tellephant stood out as the best platform to achieve customer growth for Rajapushpa Properties due to the ease of handling the software, and the independency of managing customer data and sending thousands of broadcasts and trigger messages everyday by themselves. 

Rajapushpa Properties is now the first WhatsApp verified real estate developers in Hyderabad and transforming leads into customers at a very high ROI using WhatsApp API and Tellephant.

To learn more about Tellephant for Real Estate solutions here or reach out to us at hello@tellephant.com or schedule a demo call here!

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