Gain insights about customer engagement using Click Tracker

November 25, 2021
Gain insights about customer engagement using Click Tracker

What is Click Tracking?

Click tracking is a new feature embedded into Tellephant’s WhatsApp business solutions. With this feature, you will be able to see not just who saw your message, but also who actively engaged with it. Tracking clicks can provide valuable data and analytics to help your business to improve customer acquisition, re-engagement and growth.

With this latest feature, you can gain information  that enables you to refine remarketing and retargeting efforts. Click Tracking provides you with the list of customers who engage with your links when you send them. The outreach dashboard gives you a lot of data, for each unique click from device types to location. These analytics can assist your business across various marketing channels, including Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Follow this step by step guide to get started

Create a New Template 

Step 1. Login to your Tellephant account and create a new template

Step 2. Click tracking campaigns can only be executed if you choose Media and CTA Button

Click Tracker Template

Step 3. Enter other details as necessary and select Click Tracker under the CTA Button details. The user will be redirected via a unique URL which will redirect to your final destination. The destination link can be added when sending out the campaign

Click Tracker Template

Step 4. Submit your template for approval

Learn more about Templates here

Creating a Click Tracking campaign

Step 1. Once your template has been approved, you can continue by creating a new campaign on your Tellephant dashboard

Step 2. Add the necessary details for your campaign: name, contact lists and choose the template that was approved earlier.

Step 3. Once you are satisfied with the campaign, add the destination URL and hit send or schedule a new campaign

Link Tracking Outreach

Outreach Analytics

Once the click tracking campaign is sent, Tellephant provides a set of analytics ranging from Message Details, Location, Devices, Click Rate, Operating System, Browsers, etc. 

Campaign Result
  • Total Sent refers to the total messages sent out as a part of the click tracking campaign
  • Processing is the number of messages that are yet to be sent out to the users
  • Some messages are completely bounced due to various reasons such as errors in contact details, or the user has blocked your account - this number is reflected in the Failed section
  • The number of messages successfully delivered is shown in the Delivered section
  • Opened refers to the number of messages that have been opened by the user if the user has read receipts off they will not be reflected in this number
  • Open Rate is the percentage of messages that have been opened out of the total delivered
  • The number of clicks per link is registered under Clicks and the total number of clicks with respect to total delivered is under Click Rate

More statistics are available under the overview to analyse on a case-by-case basis. You can choose to export all of this information by clicking on the “Export” button.

Link Tracking Table
Click vs Non Click

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