Integrate DocuSign With WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Integrate DocuSign With WhatsApp

Integrating your WhatsApp Business API with DocuSign gives you the security, mobility, reliability, and ease-of-use you need to help you digitally transform your business. 

If you’re already interacting with your clients on WhatsApp and handling deals with them on chat, this integration helps you complete the process directly on WhatsApp itself. Even if you’re not using WhatsApp already, it becomes an easy to use integration to help you achieve an easy to use system to streamline conversations and close deals on a single, familiar platform.

What Can This Integration Do?

Once you’ve set up a deal with your prospective clients and set up a contract outlining the terms, you’ll be able to send out the document to all the parties involved whose signatures are required directly on WhatsApp. Once all the concerned parties receive a link to the document that needs to be signed, they can open and sign the document online wherever they are without actually having to be physically present. 

Whenever your clients are done signing the document, you’ll receive a notification stating the same. Once that’s done, you can automatically trigger the final signed copy to be sent out to all the parties that have signed the document. Alternatively, you can even set it up in such a way that you can check the document to make sure it’s all good to go, and then send it out to all the concerned parties, without having to manually sit and share it with everyone individually. 

It works not just for setting up and closing deals with clients. You can even use it to share any documents that require a signature within your company, or outside of your firm.

Why Use The Docusign Integration?

Integrating DocuSign with WhatsApp gives you an easy to use, easy to access platform where you can share documents and close out deals. It becomes especially helpful in a time like this, where people are generally working from home and don’t have much physical contact with people within their company, or with clients. 

However, it’s not just in the current scenario that this integration becomes helpful. It’s a helpful tool for businesses that have clients and make deals internationally, where it’s not always possible to physically meet clients. 

With WhatsApp’s widespread use, and the platform generally becoming a more wider used and generally accepted tool for even official communication, it’s a helpful integration for businesses to speed up processes without having to set meetings just to get contracts signed (which could cause massive delays, just by the fact that it may be difficult to find a time that works for everyone involved!). 

As with all the other integrations we have to offer with WhatsApp, the main thing the integration helps you with is streamlining your process to help you achieve your business goals quickly, efficiently, and in a greatly simplified manner.



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