Benefits of Using Google Business Message

November 16, 2021
Benefits of Using Google Business Message

How many times have you had to answer the same questions for your business? What time do you open, do you have x in stock, can I make a reservation, etc. 

And how many times, have you had to call a business unnecessarily to ask the same questions! 

Google knows this, and has a solution. The solution is google business messenger. In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s how it works: 

This is one of the most frictionless ways to connect with your customers, and you need to get onto Google's Business Messages now!

Here are the 10 Reasons Why you Need to Get Google's Business Messages for your Company. 

1 - Customers Would Rather Chat, Than Speak

A study by Nielsen found that around 56% of users would rather send a message than call a business. This is huge, and shows there is a massive demand for real time messaging services particularly amongst Gen-Z Customers. 

It’s the quickest way to communicate, and comes naturally to so many people with WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, and more.

Google understands this challenge. That’s why they’ve recently expanded Business Messages, which solves the conundrum of how to digitally connect physical stores to customers in a cost effective and frictionless way.

2 - Saves you time and money

When you’re inundated with questions such as “What time do you close?” “Are you open because of Covid” “Can I bring a pet”, why bother answering the phone. Your customers would also rather just text someone to find out, so why not give them this option.

3 - Standardized responses. 24/7

Whether its you, or someone from your team, we all see things differently. And we all make mistakes. By automating the basics like, the customer has a seamless experience that they feel compelled to share!

4 - Real time support 

Bots aren’t the only way to interact with your customers. You can also chat in real time to customer queries with your Tellephant App on Mobile, Tablet, or on Desktop. What's more, is our software allows you to create tickets, transfer conversations between agents and team members, and even escalate tickets when needed. 

5 - Learn from the feedback

Every customer interaction is recorded and can be analysed to see where you can improve, and to see any hidden trends in your data. For example, customers may be asking for Vegan Pizzas or to pay via bitcoin. Something you may not have realised beforehand now becomes clear as daylight. 

6 - Personalized Experiences

Since every conversation is recorded, our AI learns over time. So, if James bought a Pepperoni Pizza yesterday, and messages you again today, you can ask him how he liked his last order. 

You can also address him by his first name, and, if James is actually a spanish speaker, you can even customize the script so that it speaks to him in his preferred google language.

7 - Multilingual

Just as it describes in the example above, we detect the person's preferred language. Armed with this information, you can customize your bot experience or your human agent based customer support to really speak to someone in a way they prefer and are comfortable with.

8 - Build Brand Loyalty and connection

Unlike WhatsApp or Messenger, that don't allow you to message your customer more that 24 hours after they message you, GBM allows you to do so for up to 30 days! With that in mind, you have a chance to re-engage customers and really build a connection with them. 

Remember, the 30 day window resets every time your customer messages you so you can in fact have a lifelong conversation window open with them.

9 - Improve your SEO and ranking on Google

By actively engaging your customers directly on google, and especially when they leave a positive review, you improve your search engine results magnificently! It isn’t yet a well known hack, but will be soon!

10 - It’s still super new and novel! Wow, your customers!

At the time of writing, this is all still pretty new! One of the best things about this, is wowing your customers when they see they can chat with your business instead of having to call or visit your website. 



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