How to integrate Tellephant's WhatsApp with your WooCommerce Store

November 25, 2021
How to integrate Tellephant's WhatsApp with your WooCommerce Store

Engage with your customers like never before! Reach out to them with Tellephant's advanced and easy-to-use messenger communication platform - now available with WooCommerce. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to integrate Tellephant's WhatsApp Messaging plugin with your WooCommerce Store

1. Install the plugin from your WooCommerce account by searching for "Tellephant WhatsApp Messaging” on the plugin store

2. Login to your account on the Tellephant platform and navigate to the plugin section. Click on “WooCommerce'' and complete the necessary steps to generate the token.

3. Copy your token and enter it on the Woocomerce plugin panel to enable successful integration

4. From the WooCommerce dashboard, you can now select the “Tellephant WhatsApp Messaging” option to configure the WooCommerce hooks to send the messages to the end-user.

5. To select a template, click on the drop-down menu and choose the required approved template  

6. Please note that only pre-approved templates can be used in campaigns. To create a new template, please click on the “Register New Template” option that redirects to our platform. Refer to our template submission guide for more information.

7. Once the triggers are ready, select the "Save your scenarios” button to save your campaign. You will be able to see the saved trigger details on the page.

8. The admin can now enable or disable triggers from the dashboard. 


9. The analytics for each trigger including the number of messages sent, delivery rate, seen rate, etc, will be available on the Tellephant application.

10. The admin can also update order information manually or automate the process using our API tools to deliver triggers more efficiently.

Now that your WooCommerce account is successfully integrated and set up with Tellephant, Happy WhatsApping! 

For more help please reach out to us at 



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