Fully Utilize Instagram API To Enhance Your Business.

September 1, 2021
Fully Utilize Instagram API To Enhance Your Business.

We’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks. Recently, Instagram launched the Messenger API publicly, meaning that all brands now have the ability to offer messaging experiences on Instagram. Yes, we’ve had a lot of businesses ask about this offering, and now that it’s official, we’re as excited as you are to have this open!

With the new Instagram's Messenger API, you can now iterate Instagram messaging with apps you’re already using, and offer more meaningful conversations to your customers, and grow sales even further using Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with around one billion monthly active users. Instagram has quickly become a space for people to discover and connect with brands, whether they use it to reply to brand stories, direct message brands, or just generally engage with businesses they find appealing. In fact, roughly 90% of Instagram users today follow at least one business.

What does this mean for you as a business?

Today, most people prefer to message a business rather than call them. With Instagram opening up messenger as a channel for communication, it becomes a direct link to the business. You’re already advertising on Instagram, and your customers are already discovering and engaging with your page on Instagram. Now, your customers can connect with your business directly on Instagram. 

Using AI powered Instagram chatbots, you can build brilliant customer experiences, and transform your Instagram page into a channel for direct customer engagement. Plus, with the ability to now integrate with third party apps, - from generating new leads and keeping in touch with existing customers by integrating your CRM platforms, or creating direct shopping experiences by integrating your ecommerce stores and payment gateways to provide a one click solution to complete purchases, Instagram messenger becomes an end to end channel for your business.

Having Instagram Chatbots in place ensures that your customers are never left hanging, and have immediate responses to their queries without having to wait for someone to get around to responding to them. Now you can answer FAQs, customer support queries, and product information with ease. Well, not you per se, but your Instagram chatbot will handle all of this for you with ease, with you and your team being able to intervene whenever required. The Unified Chat Panel ensures that all your chats from all your channels show up in one place, helping you stay on top of all conversations from all platforms at all times. 

Analytics data helps you stay on top of how customers interact and engage with your business, from learning how they interact with your ads, stories, and posts, all the way to how they interact with you on chat (what users ask most frequently, what product they’re most interested in, and what post or story got you the most traction). This becomes a helpful tool for you to understand customer behavior, and help build up and improve customer experiences in the future. 

Why Instagram?

Considering that most users prefer to message a business, rather than call, Instagram messenger becomes a great channel for you to engage your customer base, and help you expand it as well. Instagram’s user growth has been steady and consistent, especially with the younger audience. In fact, Instagram users are among the most dedicated in terms of how frequently they use the app

With such a large user base, and most people using it as their preferred Social Media platform, being accessible on Instagram as a business means your customers (and prospective customers) have a more direct and personalized experience communicating with you.



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