Advantages Of Integrating AirTable With WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Advantages Of Integrating AirTable With WhatsApp

Integrating your WhatsApp Business API with Airtable helps you manage your business better. Essentially, integrating with Airtable helps you keep track of customers and conversations in a more efficient and streamlined way. 

It’s a helpful tool to keep you up to date with leads and customers on a regular basis on a platform you already use and are familiar with.

Advantages Of Integrating AirTable With WhatsApp

With Airtable’s WhatsApp integration, you can set it up to automatically create records on Airtable with your potential customers/leads information whenever they message you for the first time. 

Plus, since you’re recording customer information on Airtable, you can effectively keep track of customer conversations between your customers and your business, and record these messages on Airtable.

Airtable’s system even helps you sort your customers into different categories based on certain conditions you set, effectively giving you a quick and easy way to maintain, view, and reach out to a particular customer base. 

Besides updating and keeping track of customer conversations, you can even use Airtable as a record for appointment slots, where users can book appointments based on slots you have open, and provide customers with appointment slots based on the Airtable records. Check out the video to see how easy to use our Airtable integration!



Integrating WhatsApp with Airtable is an easy, secure solution that can be done in almost no time at all. 

Basically, once you have your Airtable accounts linked to your WhatsApp Business Account, whenever a trigger happens, - this could be a user messaging your WhatsApp number for the first time, or a record of customer information getting created when a user fills in their information on your website,

for example - then you can set up the integration to trigger an action, like getting and updating customer details on Airtable, sending WhatsApp messages to the user, and getting a list of messages that has been sent to the user.

The integrations allows you to automate processes of customer relations, and also improve customer relation successes and conversions. Plus, with the streamlined, fast, and reliable manner in which you can set up and use this integration, it even allows you to save time and money in your workflow using process automation. 



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