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Integrate Amazon SES With WhatsApp


The Amazon SES integration with WhatsApp’s Business API works fairly similar to the Gmail integration one of our previous blog posts spoke about. 

Just like Gmail, you can use this integration to stay on top of customer interactions and conversations directly on the email id you have linked to your Business Account.

With the Amazon SES integration as well, it becomes a helpful tool for users who may not want to use the GUI provided by the service provider (either because they don’t want to go through the effort of learning a new platform, or because they don’t really need the other features provided).

Plus, as with the other email integrations, it becomes helpful for your team as well, since you can set up their email ids to receive notifications as well. 

Get Notified Via Your Registered Email

With AMazon SES’s integration with WhatsApp, you can opt to get notified via email when some sort of action happens on your WhatsApp Business number. You can set the frequency of notifications to a level you choose - you can get notified every time a user messages you, every time  a new user messages you, or every time a user messages you in a given day. 

With this level of notification customisability, you’ll always be able to stay on top of your conversations with your customers, along with each customer’s message/query by having the notification email send you details like the customer’s name, number, time and date the message was sent, as well as the message content itself, without necessarily having to access the chat panel or app. It becomes a helpful tool for users who want to stay connected and up to date with their customers on a platform they already use for their business.

Reply To Customer Messages Quickly And Easily

The SES integration even allows you to respond to customer messages using the email platform you have registered, with messages going directly into the customers WhatsApp chat. 

Once you get the email notifying you that a customer has messaged you on WhatsApp, you can directly reply to that email notification, and the email content you reply with goes directly to the user on WhatsApp. This includes any media attachments you choose to attach in the email (Like videos, images, PDFs, and audio files)

The Bottomline

The Amazon SES integration becomes a useful tool for users who want to stay updated and notified about customer chats without needing to access any third party platform. Plus, with the ability to set up multiple email ids to receive these notifications, it’s a helpful tool to have your team up to date as well, with the ability to respond to customers whenever and wherever they are, effectively improving your response times and customer relationships. 

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