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Integrate Dunzo with WhatsApp!


We’ve spoken about streamlining the ecommerce experience for your costumes by integrating with Shopify and Razorpay in the last couple of blog posts. In this post, we talk about integrating Dunzo with WhatsApp to take care of your last mile logistics, and create a true end-to-end experience for your customers. 

How Does It Work?

The one main thing you have to remember about integrating with Dunzo is that Dunzo runs locally (within the city the order was placed). So there is a certain limitation of ecommerce platforms only being able to offer this service locally to their customers. That means this only works well for online stores that provide deliveries and their services locally. 

However, that being said, the Dunzo integration works really well for restaurants, considering all of their deliveries happen locally within the city. Essentially, with our Aiyo Cafe platform, you can integrate your restaurant menu with WhatsApp, and set up a chatbot to let your customers go through your menu, and order items directly in chat. Once your customers choose to checkout, they can pay using any one of the payment gateways you have integrated (check out a list of integrations we offer here!). 

As soon as the order is placed and confirmed, a task gets automatically created on Dunzo to pick up and deliver the order. All you need to do is keep the order ready for the Dunzo executive to pick up the order. It’s as simple as that! No middle men, no third party apps, and no hassles for both you and your customers. 

You can even update customers about order statuses - whether it’s been picked up by a delivery executive, is on the way, or if it’s arrived, before your customer even has to ask. That pretty much means that your customers will be able to start and end the process on WhatsApp, without having to open up any other app. The added bonus is that since your customer is placing their order on WhatsApp, they can get in touch with you directly from there without the need for going through any third parties.

The Need Of The Hour

Considering the time we’re in now, most customers prefer to order in rather than dine out. By using our Aiyo Cafe and Dunzo integration, you can effectively take back control of your business, and provide customers with an end-to-end ordering and delivery experience without the need for any third party food delivery apps. Plus, help and support becomes much easier and more streamlined for both you and your customers. 

This effectively saves you from having to get on any of these apps, and establishes a better connection between your business and your customers!

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