Integrate FreshDesk with WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Integrate FreshDesk with WhatsApp

If your business uses WhatsApp as a main channel of communication between the business and its customers, then integrating your WhatsApp Business account with Freshdesk is a great solution for you.

Not only does it work out great for your customers, since you’re able to engage with them better on a platform they’re familiar with and use all the time, but it also works out great for you, since you’re able to offer them support directly on WhatsApp, using a dedicated customer support platform. 

What Can You Do With It?

By integrating Freshdesk to your WhatsApp Business Account, you’ll be able to stay up to date with customer conversations on Freshdesk, and provide them with support directly on WhatsApp via Freshdesk.

You’ll be notified on Freshdesk whenever users message you on WhatsApp, and convert these conversations into tickets on Freshdesk, which can then be handled by your agents. 

Plus, with the added ability of being able to create agents on Tellephant as well, you can opt to link respective agent accounts on both the platforms, and give your team the option to offer support on either platform. If you’ve already got your team on Freshdesk, and your team is already familiar with it, then they can just use Freshdesk as the primary platform and support tool for customer interactions. 

Essentially, whenever a customer initiates a conversation with your business on WhatsApp, your first line of defence can be a chatbot you have in place to handle most parts of customer conversations that don’t require human intervention. If your customer requests support from an agent, a new ticket gets created on Freshdesk, that will be assigned to an agent based on a logic that can be customized. 

Once assigned a conversation/ticket, your team can then take up the conversation with customers on Freshdesk, which your customers will receive directly on WhatsApp. 

Would It Work For You?

There’s a couple of things to look and to see if this integration would work out for you.

If you’ve already got a Freshdesk account, and your support team is already working on Freshdesk, then it’s helpful for you to integrate with WhatsApp. Another major factor you should look into is how many customers message you on WhatsApp. Recents trends do show that most customers would prefer to message a business, rather than call, and if given the option to message on WhatsApp, a majority of them would rather do that. 

So, if you’ve got a large customer base that prefers to message you on WhatsApp and get support directly within the WhatsApp chat, then this integration could be the perfect solution for you. 



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