Integrate Gmail With WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Integrate Gmail With WhatsApp

Integrating with Gmail helps you stay on top of your conversations and interactions with your customers directly with the business email you have linked to your account. 

Since the Official WhatsApp API doesn’t use an app on your phone (as with the personal WhatsApp account or the WhatsApp Business App), integrating with Gmail becomes helpful for users who may not want to use the GUI given by the WhatsApp API provider or don’t want to go through the process of learning a new platform to use the Official WhatsApp APIs. 

It even becomes helpful for your team because you can even set up their email IDs to receive notifications. 

Get Notified However You Need

By integrating Gmail with WhatsApp, you can get notified via email when your customers message you on your WhatsApp number. You can even set the frequency of notifications you want when users message you. You can choose to get notified every time a new user messages you, every time a user messages you on a given day, or every time you receive a notification. 

With this level of integration and customizable notification setting, you’ll always be able to stay on top of your interactions and chats with your customers by having the notification give you information like the user’s name, number, time of the message, and the message content itself, without necessarily needing to login to your provider’s panel or app. It’s great for users or business owners who want to stay up to date while they’re on the move. 

Let’s Take It A Step Further

The best part about integrating with Gmail is that you can even use Gmail to reply to your customers directly on WhatsApp. 

Once you get a notification that a user has messaged you, you can reply to that email notification. The content you send will go directly to the user, straight to WhatsApp. The media files you attach in the email (like images, videos, PDFs) will also go to the user directly within the chat session. 

Why Integrate WhatsApp With Gmail?

Gmail becomes a helpful tool and integration for users who want to stay updated and notified about customer messages without accessing the platform panel. Plus, it’s beneficial for users who are on the move, don’t have access to a desktop, and want to respond to customer queries whenever and wherever they are. 

Plus, with the ability to have multiple email IDs linked to the same WhatsApp account, you can even keep your team in the loop and give them the ability to see and respond to messages the same way. 



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