Advantages of Integrating HubSpot With WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Advantages of Integrating HubSpot With WhatsApp

Integrate your WhatsApp Business Account with Hubspot and automate your CRM processes, like updating customer information and data, and reaching out to customers. It helps you streamline your CRM workflow, and eases processes. 

Why Integrating HubSpot With WhatsApp?

On your customers side, you’ll have WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, while on your side, you’ll have Hubspot, one of the most popular CRM platforms. Essentially, this integration allows you to see customer information of users who have messaged you on WhatsApp on Hubspot itself, and allows you to send personalized messages to customers, while also being able to record conversations they have with your business. 

Creating new records on Hubspot becomes an automated process whenever new, prospective customers message you. WhatsApp’s Business APIs even allows you to create chatbots to help you automate conversations and data collection processes. This helps you and your team effectively save time and costs by automating processes you may otherwise have to do manually, and helps you serve more customers with ease. 

An Effective CRM Solution

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely that you’re already using Hubspot, and your team is already using it to handle customers and queries. From getting updates about new contacts to reaching out to existing customers with personalized messages with ease, integrating with Hubspot lets you use the platform with the bonus of automating your workflow process. 

Whenever new users message you on WhatsApp, you can automatically put them into different categories and assign them to different members of your team on Hubspot. Once you have your list of customers, you can reach out to them automatically by triggering pre approved messages that can be personalized with relevant information to each particular customer, or even have your team reach out to them and offer help or support based on the customers needs. 

Automating these processes not only streamlines your workflow, but it also helps you stay up to date with contacts and conversations between your customers and your business. 

It Works Well For Everyone involved

As mentioned earlier, by integrating Hubspot with your WhatsApp Business Account, it ensures that you’re able to access customer information ,and reach out to them on one of the most popular CRM platforms you probably already use, and are familiar with, while your customers are able to interact and communicate with your business on the most popular messaging platform in the world, something they're already familiar with. It’s a great solution for businesses with large user bases that want to ease their process, while also remaining accessible to their customers. 



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