Integrate Magento Store with WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Integrate Magento Store with WhatsApp

Integrate your Magento store with your WhatsApp Business API and offer your customers a seamless ordering experience, straight to their WhatsApp chats. By letting your customers interact on a chat platform they use regularly and are very familiar with, it improves customer engagement, and increases retention and callback rates. The fact that you’re able to share rich media with your customers (such as images, videos, and locations), which gives your brand a better callback when customers go through their galleries or WhatsApp chats.

Integrate Quickly And Easily

Magento integrates well with WhatsApp, and it opens up an avenue of features and automation that you can achieve with it. Besides being easy to integrate, and helping you save time, cost, and effort by integrating with WhatsApp, it also becomes a great, easy to use experience for your customers as well. Being able to shop and interact with your business on a common number that’s on such a popular platform helps you increase accessibility, thereby helping you increase conversion. 

A Gist Of The Features

With Magento’s integration to WhatsApp, your customers will be able to place, track, and cancel orders directly on WhatsApp, without needing to open up any other third party apps. With the ability to build customised chatbots, and automate messages, you can streamline the experience and send these updates to customers on WhatsApp automatically when requested. You can even automate messages to go out to customers notifying them about orders and payments as soon as they checkout and complete their payment. 

One of the largest sources of lost revenue for businesses is when customers abandon their carts, or forget to complete their orders. By integrating WhatsApp with your Magento store, you can send out reminders to customers about their abandoned carts automatically, and enable them to complete their purchases on WhatsApp itself. If your store offers products or services on a subscription/recurring payment model, you can remind customers to either refill their stock after a certain number of days, or send out messages automatically when their next shipment is about to happen. 

With the added ability to have multiple agents to serve customers on the same number, your customers will be able to receive customer support quickly and easily within the same chat. You can even use this to collect customer feedback to help you improve your services in the future. Having all these conversations on one chat platform enables you and your team to view customer chat histories, giving you insights and context into how customers are interacting with your business, allowing you to provide faster and better support to your customers. 

Should You Get This Integration?

By integrating Magento with WhatsApp, you’re able to offer a smooth, streamlined shopping experience for your customers. It becomes a one stop solution for you, and a one-stop-shop for your customers. By increasing brand accessibility, you’re able to engage and retain your customers better, providing them with an ease-of-use they’ll appreciate. Plus, streamlining the process also means that you can serve multiple customers at the same time with no hassles on WhatsApp, and multi agent support means that your team can serve your customers on WhatsApp on a single, recognizable number. Your users will choose to keep coming back to shop with you on WhatsApp just because of how easy and convenient it is!



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