Everything You Need To Know About Integrating Outlook With WhatsApp.

November 25, 2021
Everything You Need To Know About Integrating Outlook With WhatsApp.

Integrating with Outlook helps you stay on top of your conversations and interactions with your customers on WhatsApp.  It becomes a helpful tool for users who don’t want to use the Outlook GUI all the time, or just want to stay up to date with customer conversations by receiving notification emails when customers message them on WhatsApp. It’s also a helpful tool for your support team, since you can set up their email ids to receive these email notifications as well. 

Stay Notified, All Day, Everyday (Or Not)

With Outlook’s integration to WhatsApp, you can set up the frequency of notification emails you receive. You can set it to send you an alert every time a user messages you (so you’ll never lose track of customer chats, and you’ll always be up to date with conversations via email), or you can opt to get notified every time a user messages you in a given day (so you can be alerted when a user initiates a conversation with your business, and you can effectively engage them in two way conversations if required), or you can choose to get notified whenever a new user messages you (so you’ll stay up to date about all the new users that have messaged you on WhatsApp, and you get an idea about what your average new user traffic is like). 

Plus, the emails you receive will provide you message details like the user’s name, number, as well as the message content itself, so you can quickly check at a glance whether it’s a pressing issue or query that needs to be immediately picked up and resolved by the support team.

With this level of integration, you’ll always be able to stay on top of chats with your customers by directly getting alerts on your email ID. You’ll never miss a chat with a conversation, and your team will never miss out on any important interactions between your business and your customer. 

Can You Reply From Outlook?

Just like the Gmail integration with WhatsApp, you can reply to your customers directly on WhatsApp via Outlook with this integration.

Once you receive the email notifying you that you’ve received a message from a user, you can just reply to that email, and any content you share in that email will go directly to the user, straight to WhatsApp, including media files you share in the email (like images, videos, PDFs). 

Should You Integrate With Outlook?

The Outlook integration is a great tool for users who want to stay updated and notified about customer messages via email. If it’s a business email that you opt to link, and you’re on email a lot more than anything else, this integration makes a lot of sense since you don’t have to log in to any other platform, and you don’t have to worry about learning a new bito of software to handle your customer traffic that’s messaging you on WhatsApp, and the same applies for all the members of your team as well. 



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