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Integrate PandaDocs With WhatsApp


Integrating PandaDocs with with your WhatsApp Business API gives you a reliable, secure, and mobile way to digitally transform your business easily. 

Now that a lot of users are using WhatsApp as a preferred mode of communication, a lot of B2B communication is shifting to WhatsApp. WIth this integration, you can complete your processes directly on WhatsApp itself.  Even if you’re not using WhatsApp already, setting up an Official Business API becomes an easy to use integration to help you achieve an easy to use system to streamline conversations and easily close deals on a single, familiar platform. Plus, since you’ll be communicating with clients on a single business number, it even helps you become instantly recognisable to your clients


Once you’ve drawn out the details and are about to close the deal with your prospective clients, you can set up a contract outlining all the terms, and send it out to all the parties involved whose signatures are required, straight to QhtsApp. Once all the concerned parties receive a link to the document that needs to be signed they can just open it up and sign the document online wherever they are with ease, without actually having to be physically present. 

Whenever your clients are done signing the document, you’ll receive a notification stating that the document has been signed by all the concerned parties, and the final signed copy will be sent out to all the concerned parties automatically. Alternatively, you can even opt to have it in such a way that you can check the document once notified, and when you think it’s good to go, you can send it out to your clients on WhatsApp as a PDF document, without having to manually share it with everyone individually. You can even use this integration to share other documents, and not just contracts, that would potentially require a signature from people within your company, or outside of your company. 

How This Integration Can Help You

Integrating PandaDocs with WhatsApp gives you an easy to use and access platform where you can discuss and close out deals with your clients, and share documents and contracts with them. It’s especially helpful in a time like this, where people choose to work from home, and don’t and prefer not to hold meetings physically with both people within their company, and clients outside of their company. 

However, it’s a helpful integration even outside the current situation. It’s a great tool for businesses that have clients outside of their city, and international clients, where it’s not always possible to physically meet clients. Besides saving you time and cost, it even helps you speed up processes that would otherwise take days due to various hold ups. 

With WhatsApp’s widespread use, and the platform generally becoming widely used and generally accepted tool for even official communication, it’s a helpful integration for businesses to speed up the process without having to set up meetings just to get a single contract or document signed. 

As with any integration with WhatsApp, the main benefit of this integration is that it helps you streamline your process and helps you achieve your business goals quickly, efficiently, and in a cost effective manner. 

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