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Integrate PhonePe With WhatsApp


With a majority of the population opting to go cashless, and preferring digital means of payments, integrating your PhonePe account with your WhatsApp Business Account means that you’ll be able to provide your customers payments links directly on WhatsApp. Take ecommerce as a use case - you’ve already got your customers on WhatsApp, and your customers are already engaging with you on WhatsApp to browse your store and place orders. By adding a PhonePe integration to WhatsApp, you can send out payment requests to customers directly to customers on WhatsApp, from your business number itself, effectively funneling the entire interaction with your business onto one familiar platform, and effectively making it an end-to-end ecommerce experience for your customers. 

Set Up Easily

You’ve already got your customers engaging with your business on WHatsApp, which means they’re already doing practically every exchange with you on WhatsApp. With the PhonePe integrations, you can just share payment requests to them on chat when they opt to checkout. 

Setting up the integration is a fairly easy and straightforward process. All you need to do is link your PhonePe merchant account to your WhatsApp Business account. Post that, you can set it up on WhatsApp to send out payment links and requests straight to chat based on any scenario you choose. 

Once your customers complete payments, you can notify them with order and payment details. There’s multiple ways in which you can leverage WhatsApp’s APIs.

Streamlining The Process

By getting an Official WhatsApp Business API, you can build custom chatbots to automate conversations with your customers, effectively saving you time and costs, as well as offering your customers a streamlined and convenient way to interact with your business. 

As an example, let’s consider an ecommerce store. You can set up a chatbot to provide your customers with your product catalogue, provide them with information about products, and take orders. Once customers are done browsing and choose to checkout, you can automatically generate an invoice and send them a payment link, and confirm payments with a notification message. Unlike SMS, customers can respond can respond to these messages, and can even get assistance if required, all from a single, trusted number

Why Integrate?

By integrating with payment gateways, you’re able to provide your customers a streamlined, end-to-end experience while interacting with your business. It helps you improve customer interaction by providing the complete experience on one WhatsApp chat. Automating these processes not only save you effort and costs, but also saves time and effort for your customers by providing a streamlined experience on a platform they already know. 

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