Integrate Razorpay With WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Integrate Razorpay With WhatsApp

Are you tired of the third-party payment platforms? Have your customers had enough of going through multiple platforms to make orders, then complete payments? Integrating with Razorpay with WhatsApp helps you solve those problems!

Once you have your customers on WhatsApp and have them engaged with your company there, it makes sense to have their entire interaction experience with you on WhatsApp itself. Integrating Razorpay with WhatsApp gives your customers an actual end-to-end experience and interaction with your business.

That’s All Great, But How Does Razorpay Integration With WhatsApp Work?

Your customers are already interacting with you on WhatsApp, which means they’re already placing their orders on WhatsApp. Now, you can give them the ability to checkout and complete their payments on chat! 

Integrating with Razorpay is easy. Once your integration is live, you can automatically send out payment requests and links to your customers after adding items to their cart and deciding to checkout. Once they clear their invoice, you can automatically notify them about order and payment confirmation, but that’s not the only thing you can automate.

It’s A True End -To- End Experience!

WhatsApp’s Official Business APIs support chatbots, so you can automate the entire experience from start to finish. Starting with browsing products and finding more information about them, all the way to checking out and finishing payments, a chatbot can handle it all. It takes the term “one-stop-shop” seriously!

To put things into perspective, most users would instead message a business rather than call. Giving your customers a platform to do this ensures better customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction because it’s not just a platform they’re familiar with. Still, it’s also a platform that they use all the time. 

Why Bother Integrating WhatsApp With Razorpay?

Though the general idea you might get is that the Razorpay integration works just for e-commerce platforms, payment integrations are only limited by how and where you choose to use it. While it makes the most sense to set it up for these kinds of businesses, it works for practically any business that requires automated payments, be it businesses that offer paid subscription plans, paid memberships, or any paid transactions for that matter. 

By automating that entire process, you’re not only saving time and effort on your side to focus on other aspects of your business. You’re also streamlining the process for your customers and ensuring you’re providing a better service to them. It’s as they say, “Good service is good business.”



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