Integrate Slack with WhatsApp

November 25, 2021
Integrate Slack with WhatsApp

Our latest offering allows you to integrate Slack with WhatsApp, effectively letting you integrate your Slack workspace with your WhatsApp Business account. If you’ve already got your team and workspaces set up on Slack, integrating with WhatsApp means you’ll be able to stay up to date with your WhatsApp account on a platform your team is already on.

What Can You Do With This Integration?

Integrating your Slack workspace with WhatsApp helps you organise people and tasks effectively. You can streamline your workflow effectively and set it up to receive notifications directly to your Slack workspace. You can customise what notifications you want to receive as well. Currently, we offer three different notification settings - you can choose to get notified every time a customer messages you on WhatsApp, get updates about template statuses (whether they’ve been approved or rejected), and even get updated on analytics (number of template messages sent out, and sent and received session messages). 

Our easy to use panel ensures you’ll be up and running with this integration in no time. All you need to do is open up the plugin page, choose the “Add To Slack” option, sign in to your workspace, and select which space you want to get notified on. 

Why Integrate With Slack?

Integrating with Slack using our panel is easy, and takes no time at all. Since your team is already on Slack, integrating with WhatsApp gives you the ease and convenience you need to run your business effectively. So instead of having your team working on multiple channels, you can streamline your workflow to funnel it effectively onto a platform you already use. 

It’s a helpful tool to allow you and your team to stay up to date with what’s happening on your WhatsApp Business account, without having to keep any other panels open. Once you receive a notification that a customer has messaged you, you can then open our panel and respond to messages. Plus, getting alerted when a template gets approved means that you’ll be up to date with template statuses, and you can quickly launch a new campaign to your users with your newly approved template. 

The Bottomline

The bottomline of integrating with Slack is that it becomes a streamlined and effective way for you to stay up to date with your WhatsApp Business Account, not just for you, but all of your team members as well. It offers you a singular platform to stay connected and updated with all the communication happening within your organization. 



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