Integrate WhatsApp with Paypal

November 25, 2021
Integrate WhatsApp with Paypal

Integrating PayPal with WhatsApp gives your customers the ability to make payments directly on WhatsApp. It helps you provide a better experience for your customers, by not having to go through a range of third party platforms just to complete an order. 

Once you’ve already got your users interacting with you on WhatsApp, it becomes convenient for you to have the entire process set up on WhatsApp itself, giving your customers a true end-to-end experience.

How Does It Work?

Let’s suppose you’ve got an online store you’ve already integrated with WhatsApp. Since your customers are shopping on WhatsApp, why not just let them complete the order and finish up the entire process on the same platform itself? 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to get your store onto WhatsApp. You can even just use this integration exclusively for sending out payment requests (because let’s be honest, SMS has just become inconvenient and not so frequently used, and is generally just mostly cluttered with spam and advertising messages). Plus, by sending payment requests on WhatsApp, you’re customers can directly get in touch with you on the same chat if they have any issues with payment or otherwise, and you can help them out quickly and effectively on WhatsApp, without them having to call you or go through the hassle of getting in touch with you anywhere else. 

Once your integration is live, you can automatically send out payment requests/links to your users once they checkout. Once they complete their payment, you can automatically notify them about their confirmed order. In fact, with WhatsApp’s integrations, you can automate a lot more.

Create A Seamless Experience

With WhatsApp’s Official Business APIs, you can set up chatbot to automate the entire experience from start to finish. From browsing products on your store and finding out more information about each product, all the way to checking out and completing payments, a chatbot can handle all these processes for you, effectively making a true one-stop-shop!

As mentioned earlier, most users would rather message a business rather than call them. It’s more convenient for them to have these conversations on a platform they’re very familiar with, effectively ensuring better customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction because it’s a platform they’re very familiar with and use all the time.

So, Why Integrate?

Essentially, payment integrations are limited only by how you want to use it. While it may work best for ecommerce, you can even implement it anywhere you may use payments or payment requests.

Automating these processes saves you time and effort on a lot of aspects you’re probably spending time on, streamlines processes for your customers and in turn means you’ll be able to provide a better service to them.



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