Integrate Woocommerce With Whatsapp!

November 25, 2021
Integrate Woocommerce  With Whatsapp!

Integrating your Woocommerce store with WhatsApp lets your customers shop on WhatApp directly, and receive updates about their orders directly in chat. With this integration, you can even add on a WhatsApp widget on your WooCommerce site for users to directly contact you on WhatsApp via your site, giving your users the ability to continue talking to you even after they leave your website. 

Get In Touch With Customers Directly

With the WooCommerce plugin, your users can get in touch with you quickly and easily. As mentioned earlier, the WhatsApp widget gives your users an easier path to reach you, and you’ll be able to handle queries, answer FAQs, and provide support to your customers quickly and easily through WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp integrates well with WhatsApp, so you can be up and running in no time to provide your customers a great ecommerce experience directly in chat. Making your store available on such a popular and familiar platform ensures that your business is more accessible to users, which in turn means you’ll be able to increase your sales numbers just by the fact that your users will be more comfortable browsing your products and placing orders on an easy to use platform. 

Integrations Features

With the WooCommerce integration, your customers will be able to confirm and cancel orders directly from WhatsApp. You can notify customers about the status of their orders, and automatically send out order confirmations once they’ve paid for their orders. . By setting up chatbots, you can automate a lot of these processes that would generally require a human to answer. For instance, besides just having the bot answer FAQs, and updating customers about order and payment statuses, your bot can even help customers cancel orders using WhatsApp without having to access the website, or even having to talk to a customer support agent.

However, if human intervention is required in cases where the bot is not able to handle certain queries, you’re able to set up the bot in such a way that the customer can request an agent if needed. You can then create a ticket for the customer, or just get notified via email when this happens, and someone from your team can intervene and help out the customer. 

An issue that a lot of ecommerce platforms face is that they lose out on sales because customers may abandon their carts in between a purchase, or just forget to complete their orders (it’s probably because the internet can be a very distracting place!). By integrating with WhatsApp, you can automatically send out reminder messages to your users and enable them to complete their purchase directly from WhatsApp using a payment link you share with them in the reminder message. 

Let’s say your business provides products that require a recurring purchase, or has a subscription model where customers receive a new batch of products every week or month. In the first case, you can automatically send out messages to your customers after a certain period of time post the purchase to remind them to repurchase and always be stocked up. In the second case, you can trigger messages to your customers every time you send out a new shipment to them to let them know their favourite product is on the way!

So, Why Integrate?

By integrating with WooCommerce, you’re able to offer a streamlined ecommerce experience to your customers. It becomes an easy solution for you to handle orders and queries, and becomes an easily accessible one-stop-shop for your users. By increasing brand accessibility, you’re able to engage your customers better, providing them with an easy to use experience they’ll truly appreciate.



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