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Integrate Zoho With Whatsapp!


By integrating your WhatsApp Business Account with Zoho’s CRM platform, you can automate list updates and customer outreach. It helps you streamline your CRM process, and automate customer data collection and reaching out to your customers.

Automate Your CRM Process

With the Zoho CRM integration, you can automate the process of updating your CRM list whenever a prospective user or customer messages you. You can even set up a chatbot to collect information from users, and automatically collect and update information they share on Zoho. Automating these processes helps you and your team save time and effort, and helps you handle multiple customers at the same time.  

Make The Most Of Zoho

If you’ve already got Zoho set up, and your team already on Zoho, it makes sense to have them manage everything on Zoho. From getting updates about new contacts to reaching out to existing customers, integrating with Zoho let’s you use the platform with the added ease of automating a bulk of the process. 

Once you do have your customers listed on Zoho, you’ll be able to sort them into different categories and assign them to different agents, as you would usually, but a system you set up in place can automate this process. When you have your list of customers sorted into Zoho, you can reach out to them automatically with predefined messages, or have your team reach out to customers based on their queries. 

Besides being able to help you streamline workflow for you and your team, it even helps you stay on top of your business at all times. 

It’s Familiar For You, And Your Customers

Being able to integrate Zoho with WhatsApp, it ensures that you’re able to access customer information, and reach out to your customers on a platform you’re familiar with, while your customers are able to have conversations on a platform they’ve familiar with, and use frequently. With the ability to send out messages to your user base en masse with rich media like documents, images, and videos, it is a perfect solution for businesses with a large customer base that wants to streamline their workflow and CRM process, while being accessible to their users at the same time. 

Watch the video to learn how it works and see our Zoho integration in action!

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