An Introduction to Google Business Messaging

November 16, 2021
An Introduction to Google Business Messaging

For better or for worse, your presence on Google matters. Imagine if you could speak to people that were looking at your business on google, all in real time. 

That reality is on its way and the wave is just starting. We believe that this new innovation from google that is largely going under the radar at the time of writing is soon going to be something that all businesses want, and that all businesses expect. 

You’ve probably seen the following results on your phone, a thousand times before:

Very soon however, all that is set to change. Your google business listing on google maps and on google search can now look like this: 

What this means, is that potential customers can reach you on chat in real time. You can train a bot to answer customer questions as a first line of defense, and as a second line of defense, you can use our mobile app to answer customer questions in real time.

We can also integrate this with inventory such as google merchant centre, shopify, WordPress, wix, squarespace or our own custom catalogue. Imagine that, shopping via a conversation with your own store to give you customized offerings. That's the future of personalization, and the future is now.

Here are a few interesting stats on why this is important.

97%  Of All Search Traffic Is On Google
75%  Of Consumers Would Rather Message A Business Than Speak To A Person
3.5    Billion Searches On Google Every Day

What's also very interesting here, are crossover solutions. Other than the now commonplace “Omni Channel” APIs and platforms, is one single platform that has a seamless handover to messenger, or WhatsApp and back and forth so you have a very clear, unified, vision of who your customer is.

What's novel today will be commonplace tomorrow. Get a head start and join the revolution today.



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