All You Need To Know About Shopify Integration With WhatsApp!

November 25, 2021
All You Need To Know About Shopify Integration With WhatsApp!

Your e-commerce store is already online. Integrating it into WhatsApp takes it a step further and brings the experience to your customers straight to chat. Not only does this help you improve engagement with your customers, but it also increases retention and customer callback because you’re able to share rich media with them, ensuring your brand remains on their phones even after they’ve placed an order once or even just browsed through your store once. 

Integrating Is Quick And Simple

We love working with Shopify! It integrates easily with WhatsApp, and there’s a whole bunch of stuff you can do with their integration. Plus, it’s not just about how easy it is to integrate with Shopify. It’s also about how easy the experience becomes for you and your customers. For one, having your store accessible on such a far-reaching platform helps make your store more accessible, increasing conversion rates. 

So, What Can You Do With Shopify Integration? 

By Integrating Shopify with WhatsApp, your customers can place, track, and cancel their orders directly on WhatsApp without the need for any third-party apps or aggregators. Just set up a chatbot to automate the process and streamline the experience. You can even automate notifying customers about orders and payments when they confirm the order and total prices. 

Many brands lose out on revenue because customers abandon their carts or forget to complete their orders. Now, you can remind customers about abandoned carts on WhatsApp itself and enable them to finish their purchases directly from chat. Suppose your store provides products that require a recurring investment. In that case, you can remind customers to refill on the stock after a certain number of days!

WhatsApp even allows you to collect rich data from your users to see how satisfied they are with your products and services. This even helps make your brand more accessible and personalizes their experience. All your conversations happen on a chat platform with a more personal feel. Have customers that have some issues? They can engage with your team directly on WhatsApp, where they can resolve queries and problems quickly and easily. Plus, having these conversations on WhatsApp enables you and your team to view order and chat histories, letting you provide faster and better support to your customers. 

The Bottom Line 

With Shopify’s capability of integrating seamlessly with WhatsApp, you’re able to offer a smooth, streamlined shopping experience to your customers. It becomes a one-stop solution for you and a one-stop shop for your users. By increasing brand accessibility, you’re able to engage and retain your customers better, providing them with an ease of use they’ll appreciate. That would also mean that your customers will opt to keep coming back to shop from your store just because of how easy it is!



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