WhatsApp Business API Blacklisting and Blocking Guide

November 25, 2021
WhatsApp Business API Blacklisting and Blocking Guide

Give your customers the choice to opt-out of your broadcast messages while still receiving regular updates on their orders by adding them to a blacklist. You can also manage your contact lists by separating those who you would like to cut out completely using our Blocking feature. Continue reading this article for the step-by-step guide to blacklist or block users on Tellephant.

What is Blacklisting?

Blacklisting gives the customers the choice to opt-out of promotional messages shared by the business. This disables all broadcast messages. The user can still engage in one-to-one conversations as session messages for any queries, receive order updates and customer support. 

What is Blocking? 

Blocking gives the company the choice to block a user completely from their WhatsApp conversations. The user will not receive broadcasts, updates and they will not be able to have one-on-one conversations with the company. 

What is the difference between Blacklisting and Blocking? 

Blacklisting is from the customer's end and they can still receive the necessary information and stay in contact with the company on their terms

Blocking is from the company's end and the customer will not receive nor share any information at all.

How to setup blacklisting

Blacklisting is triggered by certain keywords which are set up by the admin on the blacklist panel on Tellephant. On the Tellephant dashboard, choose “users” under the Data panel and click on “Blacklisted Users”

Alternatively, the admin can manually add individual contacts using the "add contact'' button on the panel. Group contacts can be added by choosing the “bulk upload” option to upload a CSV sheet.

The user is opted out of promotional messages shared by the company by promoting keywords such as "stop" or "unsubscribe" under the “Blacklist Keywords” section. When a keyword is triggered, the user's details are added to the blacklisting panel and they are blocked off from promotional content.

The user can choose to opt back in by using keyword triggers such as "start" or "subscribe" in the “Whitelist Keywords” section. When these keywords are triggered, the user is removed from the blacklist and starts receiving all broadcast messages.

The Blacklisting option can be toggled on or off by clicking on the “Blacklist Status” button and setting the button to inactive or active.

How to block users? 

There are two ways to block a user using the Tellephant platform: Directly from the chat panel, or, manually uploading lists.

To block a user via the chat panel, select the menu button next to the template button and select the “Block Contact” option.

Then confirm your choice by selecting the “Yes, Block it!” Option and wait for the confirmation message to ensure successful blocking.

To manually upload users to block, select “users” under the Data panel on the Tellephant dashboard and click on “Blocked Users”

The admin needs to manually add the contacts using the “Add contacts” option or upload a CSV sheet with a list of contacts to be blocked for bulk blocking

It really is that easy! Try it on your account now, and reach out to hello@tellephant.com for any queries or guidance regarding blacklisting and blocking. 



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