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Features That Count

Key Features

AI Powered Instagram Chatbots

Works Just like Outreach

If you’re already used to our Outreach panel, our scheduling feature is just one extra step in the process.

Agent Customer Support Instagram

Set It and Forget It!

With campaign scheduling, you can just set up your campaigns and let Tellephant do the rest! You’ll never miss out on sending out important campaigns!

Unified Chat Panel

Plan Ahead

Our scheduling feature allows you to set up campaigns two weeks in advance, letting you plan your campaign calendar well in advance.

Real Time Reporting Instagram Chats

Never Miss A Campaign!

We know how busy things can get, especially during sales season. With our scheduling feature, you can set up your campaigns to go out exactly when you want, and always keep your customers informed about exciting sales and offers coming up!


Keep Customers Up To Date, Always!

We get it; your sales team can get tied up with a ton of other stuff during sales seasons, and sending out campaigns to your customers on WhatsApp may not be the first thing that’s on your list.

However, with WhatsApp campaign scheduling, you’ll never miss out on updating your customers about the latest news and offers from your company.

You can set up your campaigns well in advance, and let Tellephant take care of the rest. So, while you focus on working towards your big sales period, Tellephant helps you automate your WhatsApp marketing!

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