"Just Share The Location On WhatsApp"

You Know It's True. Real Estate Is Sold On WhatsApp.

Just Share The Location On WhatsApp
Showcase  Listings
Showcase  Listings

Generate and qualify leads by showcasing your listings on WhatsApp. Just send a location to see all listings, nearby.

Collect  Documents
Collect  Documents

Now avoid the hassle of your customers standing in queue or running behind brokers to collect documents. Just share them over WhatsApp!

Payment Reminders
Payment Reminders

Send notifications on pending payments, EMIs and maintenance! Integrate your payment gateway to collect payments through WhatsApp.

Key Features

Showcase Listings
Showcase Listings

Build your own chatbot and provide virtual tours showcasing your listings. Your customers can simply share a location to check the nearby listings.

Automate And Accelerate
Automate And Accelerate

Schedule site visits for your customers and notify them of appointment confirmations, automatically through WhatsApp.

Document Collection
Document Collection
Avoid the hassle of long and often untimely customer queues. Collect the documents securly over WhatsApp, any time.
Customer Support
Customer Support
Resolve customer queries efficiently by offering them live agent support through our Customer Support tool.
Ease Of Control
Ease Of Control
Manage all your listings and a multi-broker tool to engage with customers from one panel with ease.
Data Capture Simplified
Data Capture Simplified
Cease the manual data acquisition work. Automate collecting all your customers' details and valuable feedback with our chat bots.

Seamless Support For Your Customers On The Channel They Love!

With a large number of property units under their purview, real estate companies receive a lot of enquiries. Use the power of our Agent centre to jump in seamlessly and address all complex customer issues. You can either choose to automate the entire process or allow the bot to transfer more complex queries to be taken over by humans.

The Dashboard!

  • Smooth Sailing Experience
    Smooth Sailing Experience

    Assist your customers in buying, selling and renting properties, all through WhatsApp

  • Always Active
    Always Active

    Respond to your customers' queries instantly anytime of the day

  • Multilingual Support
    Multilingual Support

    Get over the language barrier and scale your business well with our polyglot chat bots

Real Estate dashboard

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