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Integrate Google Sheets With WhatsApp!


If you’re looking for a simple CRM solution, Google Sheets provides a quick and easy way for you to maintain customer databases, and even pull up and share information stored in Google Sheets with your customers. 

It’s an easy way for you to collect and collate customer data and information, and reach out to them with relevant information as and when needed.

So You Don’t Want A Full Blown CRM Integration

Unlike other CRM softwares like Zoho, Hubspot, or Salesforce, Google Sheets doesn’t require a subscription or membership. While it may not be a CRM software so to speak, it does still manage to be quite helpful at a small and medium scale since it’s not only an easy to obtain and use platform, but also because it integrates easily with WhatsApp. 

You can set up Google Sheets to collect customer information in different ways. You can either have it automatically pull their information (phone number and name) directly from WhatsApp and update Sheets with that information whenever they message you for the first time, to help you keep track of all your users who have messaged you, and reach out to them at any later point in time.

You can even set up a chatbot in place, which will ask them for their information and update their details at every stage of the conversation based on how you decide to set it up. This enables you to collect more details about your customer and build up richer databases. 

But Wait, There’s More!

The good thing about using Google Sheets is that there’s a lot more you can do with it, rather than just using it as a CRM database. 

Once you have their information collected on a list, you can use this list to reach out to the customers on that database using template messages. Send them notifications and updates automatically when their details are updated on the sheet, or set a time when you want messages to go out to your users. 

You can even use Sheets as a sort of database or inventory of your own business that your customers can access. Let’s say you deal in wholesale retail. You can set up your inventory along with prices on Sheets, and whenever customers ask for certain items, it’ll automatically pull up the relevant information from the Sheet and share it with them. 

Google Sheets integration also helps you keep track of paid/subscribed users and free or trial users (that is, if your business has such a system). Let’s say you have a bot in place that’s welcoming a new user, taking their information, and sharing relevant information about your brand to a new user. Once this user becomes a paid/subscribed user, it doesn’t make sense to share the same chat flow with them. Instead, you can add their details into a sheet (let’s assume you call it your “paid users” sheet), and set up a different chat flow for your paid users.

Should I Use A Sheets Integration?

There’s quite a bit that you can do with the Google Sheets integration. You can use it as a simple CRM solution, and database storage and management system, however, you do have to keep in mind that this solution works best for small to medium size businesses. As you start scaling up, it would make more sense to shift over to more dedicated CRM platforms. 

If you’re a small business starting out, and would just like to try out integrating to see how it works out for you with no subscriptions as with dedicated CRM platforms, then this is perfect for you!

Check out the video to see how easy to install and use our Google Sheets integration!

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