Integrate WhatsApp Business API with Google Sheets

A seamless WhatsApp Business API integration with Google Sheets for a simple CRM solution. Reach out to your customers and keep track of customer information easily and effectively.
All you need to do is subscribe to this add on, unlock your API key, and add it to the Tellephant Google Sheets plugin.

Google Sheets WhatsApp Integration

Check out the video to see how easy to install and use our Google Sheets integration!

Store And Keep Track of Customer Information

Once a customer reaches out to your business on WhatsApp, you can automatically store customer information, like their names, phone numbers, what time they contacted you, as well as their queries into Google Sheets.

You can even ask customers to fill out their information,  or surveys on WhatsApp and automate the process of storing their information and answers on Sheets. 

Customer Information

Reach Out To Your Customers

With our Google Sheets add on, you’ll be able trigger WhatsApp messages to all your contacts saved on Google Sheets, with the added ability to schedule when these messages go out. You’ll be able to send out texts, documents, videos, and even information and data (this could be product lists, or inventory details) you have stored on Sheets to your customers. 

Reach Out To Your Customers

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