Integrate Your Magento Store To WhatsApp Business API And Increase Accessibility

Integrate your online store with WhatsApp and let your customers shop directly from WhatsApp. Create a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

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Integrate WhatsApp With Magento

Place Orders Directly In Chat

With our Magento plugin, your customers will be able to shop from your store directly on WhatsApp. Set up an automated chatbot and have your entire ecommerce experience on chat. Your customers can browse products, make purchases, and pay for orders, all from WhatsApp.

Integrate WhatsApp With Magento

Recover An Abandoned Cart

Have a customer that's added items to their cart, but forgotten to checkout? Send them a reminder on WhatsApp. They can then complete their order from that chat session.

Integrate WhatsApp With Magento

Chat With Your Customers!

If your customers want to tell you about your service, or have any issues, they can directly get in touch with you on WhatsApp. With our chat panel, you can engage customers in two way conversations to answer FAQs, resolve issues, or get customer feedback.

Integrate WhatsApp With Magento

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