Manage Zoom meeting directly on WhatsApp

By integrating your WhatsApp Business Account with Zoom, you’ll be able to manage and handle meetings directly on WhatsApp.
Allow your clients to schedule meetings whenever they want at their own convenience just by interacting with you on chat.

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Integrate WhatsApp With Zoom Meeting

Set Up Meetings With Ease

Your customers/clients can easily set up meetings by just interacting with your business on your Official WhatsApp number.

You can have a bot in place to take down details of when they want to schedule the meetings, and check against available slots you have for the same.

Once they schedule one, the bot can automatically send in meeting details to your clients. 

From your end, in case you want to schedule a meeting with one of your clients, you can set up the meeting on Zoom, and send out a message to the concerned parties with details about the meeting.

Set Up Meetings With Ease

Reschedule or Cancel Meetings

By integrating Zoom with your WhatsApp Business Account, your customers can easily interact with a chatbot you have in place to reschedule meetings to other slots you have available, at a time convenient for them, and even cancel meetings with ease.

The bot you have in place can automatically send out messages alerting concerned parties about updated/cancelled meetings. 

Reschedule or Cancel Meetings

Are you Zapier User?

Integrate WhatsApp Business API with your Zoom account using our Zapier Integration to send WhatsApp Template and Session messages

Zoom WhatsApp Integration

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