Shopify WhatsApp Business API Integration

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Shopify WhatsApp Integration

Shopping On WhatsApp? Yes Please!

Make your business more accessible to customers and increase conversion. Set up an automated chatbot, and streamline the experience. You can then handle multiple customers and orders at the same time.

Place, track, and cancel orders, all from within one chat, without the need for opening any third party websites or apps. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. Your customers will love how streamlined their shopping experience is.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration

Notify Your Customers Automatically

Integrate Shopify with WhatsApp, and let your customers get notified about order and payment confirmation, and order status, all in real time within the same session, even before your customer has to ask.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration

Recover An Abandoned Cart

Have a customer that’s added products to their cart, but forgotten to check out?
Remind them on WhatsApp itself, and give them the ability to checkout and finish their purchase directly from the chat session.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration

Get Customer Feedback

If your customers love your service, you should know! Or if they have any issues, you should be notified immediately. Let your customers do this directly from a platform they’re familiar with - WhatsApp! Plus, with the ability to  have a two way conversation with your customers using our user panel, you can resolve queries quickly and effectively.

Shopify WhatsApp Integration

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