Integrate WhatsApp Business API With Rapido

Integrate your WhatsApp Business Account with Rapido and give your customers an end to end ecommerce experience.

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Rapido WhatsApp Integration

Stay Up To Date With Orders

Once your customers place an order, you'll be notified, and a task gets created on Rapido to deliver the order. All you need is to keep your customer's order ready to be picked up.

Rapido WhatsApp Integration

Keep your Customers In The Loop

You can store your customer's details, and they'll be notified about the status of their order in real time, be it order confirmation, or delivery status. All these notifications go straight to your customer on WhatsApp from your own account.

Rapido WhatsApp Integration

Let Your Customers Get In touch With You On WhatsApp

Your customers can directly contact you on your registered WhatsApp account, whether it's for queries, product enquiries, or delivery issues. You'll be able to reply to them directly in session.

Rapido WhatsApp Integration

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