Dunzo For Business

Last Mile Logistics? All taken care of ! 
By integrating Dunzo with WhatsApp, you’re able to offer an end to end commerce experience to your customers. 

Shopify & WhatsApp

A seamless experience for your customers

Eliminate the need for any other apps. Once you integrate with Dunzo, your customers won’t have to deal with any other platforms to handle their deliveries.


Streamline your business for you, and your customers

Once your user places an order, all you need to do is keep the item ready for a dunzo executive to pick it up and deliver it without the need for you or your customer having to deal with any third party processes or apps.


Get Order Updates, Live

With our integrations with Dunzo, your customer can automatically get updated about the status of their order - whether it’s been picked up, is on the way, or if it’s arrived.