Integrate Razorpay with WhatsApp Business API, Make Shopping Easy!

Once you get your customers on WhatsApp, it makes sense to have their entire shopping experience on WhatsApp itself. Our Razorpay integration lets you do just that. Integrate your entire ecommerce experience onto one platform - from browsing your online store, all the way to paying for an order.

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Razorpay WhatsApp Integration

Chatbots Are There To Help!

With our chatbots, your customers can interact with your business directly on WhatsApp and place orders directly from the chat session.

Automate the process of browsing through your online store, adding items to cart, and checking out and paying for orders all on one familiar platform. Streamline the e-commerce experience for your customers!

Chatbots Are There To Help!

Shop On Chat, Checkout On Chat

Once your customer adds items to their cart and checks out, you can send them their invoice, and the Razorpay payment link on WhatsApp. Your customer can then pay for their orders directly by just clicking on the link. 

Shop On Chat, Checkout On Chat

Get Notified On WhatsApp

When your customer completes their payment, you can notify them about payment and order confirmation, within the chat session. 

Razorpay WhatsApp Integration

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