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Slack WhatsApp Integration

Get Notifications On Slack

With our Slack integration, you can streamline your workflow to get notifications on Slack (which you can set up according to your needs).

You can get notified every time a customer messages you on WhatsApp, get updates on whether templates are approved or rejected, and even get analytics updates (template messages sent out, and sent and received session messages)

Get Notifications On Slack

Easy And Convenient

Since your team and your workspaces are on Slack, integrating with WhatsApp gives you the ease and convenience you need to run your business effectively.

Instead of having to stay updated on multiple channels, this integration funnels it into your platform of choice.                                        

Easy And Convenient

Notification Settings

We provide three notification options :

1. Notify when users message on WhatsApp

2. Send daily usage updates

3. Send template status notifications

Notification Settings

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